Bethpage General Contracting

Whether you are building a single family home, a duplex or a complete community – Bethpage can coordinate all of the construction process – from site planning, excavation, servicing, foundations, building construction, to final grading and landscaping. Bethpage has the experience to complete your project and we have the capacity to do it all and do it right.

plansWe can bring together a team to take your project from a bare land concept to construction, and finally ready to take to the market. And every step of the way we will be there to supervise and ensure your satisfaction and that the project is built to the standards promised and ensuring that our subtrades and suppliers will stand behind our guarantee of quality!

Project Management

Choosing Bethpage to manage your entire project - from a stand alone duplex to a complete community development - means that you can call on all of our construction and development experience to ensure the project is built to specification and with quality materials.

As a project partner your success is directly linked to our success as a company and we will treat you and your project with the same respect and attention to detail that we demand for our own projects.

Bethpage stands behind all our commitments and subcontractors, and ensures that they deliver their products and services to the highest standards possible - Quality is not optional - It's guaranteed!